Allergy testing in office!

"Woman With An Allergy Smelling A Flower" by Stuart Miles via

We now have a certified allergy specialist on site. The technician will verify all of your insurance benefits and then the test takes 15 minutes. We do 50 tests on the forearm and upper arm. It is painless and feels like a hairbrush on the arm.
The tests are for this region. It tests for animal dander, cockroach, dust mites, grasses, trees, and molds.
After the test determines the specific allergies, you can then decide on immunotherapy. Immunotherapy : This is giving the patient small doses of the thing they are allergic to. Over time the doses increase and the patient becomes tolerant of it. Therefore no longer do they respond with an allergic reaction.
The beauty of this is the patient or parent can give the injections at home saving time and money. We teach. You how to do it.. The needles are very fine, like a human hair and the injection is just under the skin.
If giving the injection seems to be too much, we will do it.
The patients we have tested so far are delighted with the results. We can test parents and children 2 years and older.
When you think about having your children or yourself on medication all of the tmi, it makes more sense to eradicate the problem rather than spending money on “bandaid ” therapy. The average allergy patient spends $2000 per year on drugs. Also, the patient feels drugged.

Call for your appointment today. The patient must be off all antihistamines for a week prior to testing.

Image: "Woman With An Allergy Smelling A Flower" by Stuart Miles via