Flu Vaccine Time Is Here

"Influenza Virion Internal Structure" by Victor Habbick via FreeDigitalPhotos.netYes, it is time for flu vaccine. We are seeing more flu cases than ever before. We will have our vaccine at the end of this month. We will post the flu clinic times on our web site as soon as the vaccine arrives.
Some ask if it’s too early, but the flu vaccine lasts a year and builds up immunity every year. So, schedule your familie’s appointment now. We do not expect any vaccine shortages as in past years.
The Flumist is a nasal vaccine for patients 2 years and older, to 55 years of age. It is a live vaccine confiring better immunity. However those patients who have an underlying medical disorder, those on chronic aspirin therapy, or those who are immunosuppressed may not have the live virus. Most children with asthma can take the nasal vaccine.


Image: "Influenza Virion Internal Structure" by Victor Habbick via FreeDigitalPhotos.net