Holiday fun verses tragedy

Holiday Fun | Happy Holidays | Plano PediatricsWhile this Holiday Season brings joy and hope to many, it can be a time of stress for all of us. In addition to our usual workload, we have additional responsibilities regarding family and friends. While most of us enjoy this time of year, we need to be extra diligent with the safety of our children.
What about the Holiday party at your home? You are tired and postpone cleaning up until the next day. Your toddler gets up at O’Dark Hundred and sips alcohol out of glasses left out. The next thing you know you awaken to the sound of your toddler having a seizure. The Emergency Department determines that your child suffered from a low blood sugar due to alcohol.
Also this time of year brings about more drownings. With people coming and going, parents loose track of their child or think someone else is watching him. The door gets left open by older children and the toddler falls into the pool.
What about the beautiful flowers of the season ? Many plants are poisonous to children. Yes kids do eat plants. Check out the flowers you have to make certain they are safe, even if you want them as an appetizer !