A pediatrician with more than 30 years of experience details her treatment of obesity in her patients and offers a look at the causes of this problem; too much fast food, too little exercise, and too much television; locally, nationally, and around the world. Not content to merely define the problem, this study takes an action-oriented approach to solving the problems created by this full-blown epidemic. Besides offering the three-pronged test of sensible eating, exercise, and behavior modification, this guide suggests age-appropriate practices that allow children and parents to participate in creating solutions together.

Taking a tough-love approach, this handbook hopes to save the lives of young people and prevent an overloading of the health care system as obese youngsters get older and begin to experience heart attacks, strokes, and multiple organ failure.

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The book is receiving many awards and recognitions:

  • Finalist for the Independent Publisher’s Award
  • 2006 Writer’s Notebook Award in the category of Home-Family-Parenting books
  • 2005 Texas Dietetic Association Bluebonnet Award